Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fall::Creeping In

For those of you who now live away, or for those of you who've never been, I'm posting some pictures I took last week of Provo. I was out hunting for great mid-century houses and paused to take some pictures of the scenery.

The classic sign of Fall is when the colors on the mountains start to change. For leaves to change color they have to get cold enough. Although it may be hot down in the valley, when you spy color on the mountains, you know that Fall is creeping in to drive out the relentless Summer.

Y Mountain from in front of my house:

Saratoga Springs after the rain storm:

The south side of Rock Canyon:

From Quail Valley out to Mt. Nebo:

Quail Valley down to the lake:

I love Fall. The colors have just started to change in the valley this week. Time to break out your snuggly sweaters, leather boots, and gorgeous coats. Take an inventory of your hot cocoa stash and get ready for the game on Saturday. Plan your Halloween costume, start sewing for your favorite goblins, make some caramel apples and pull out the blankets. Open your windows and turn off the AC, you only have a few precious weeks to enjoy the fresh air before central heating. Today it rained, as it will for the next month until the snow makes its first appearance right before All Saints.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this time of year, too. All the festivities and cooler weather and sweaters, pants, fun family traditions, etc. Love it.