Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wrapping::A Better Idea

If you're like me (and let's face it, I'm sorry, you are) you're tired of generic wrapping paper. You settle for whatever's on sale and, if you're lucky, it may slightly satiate your design desires. I have a better idea. Why not drive down to XPEDX where I found these cool retro wrapping papers:

Look, Clarks! You could match your paper with your house! Martha eat your heart out!

And after your presents are wrapped with this delicious multi-purpose-holiday-transcending-paper, they will look like this:

I won't kid, they aren't cheap. You will spend 16 for a roll. Why! That's highway robbery, I hear you say! No, I counter, it's like a million square feet. You will be wrapping presents in this paper for years, and that, my friend, is not hyperbole. So invest in a wrapping paper in a neutral pattern, like the silver with the graphic squares that I selected, and wrap all your happy birthdays in modern pulp love.

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