Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For Sale Notice::2875 N

Hooray! One of my favorite mid-century houses is for sale by owner. If you're in the market for a really cute house that is borded on one side by Canyon Rd., look no further! I've admired the slanted roofline of this little home for years. Fully fenced, only one set of owners. They just drove it to the church and to the store. Although, considering there's a grocery store in walking distance, you'd never have to drive to the store again (Let's be honest, you're going to drive anyway.) Isn't it nice to look at some green grass and blue skies at this time of winter?

So cute.


c jane said...

Is this the house that you have been through? I like it.

AzĂșcar said...

No, it's not. It's very cute. However, the redwood fence that you see in the first picture, the perpendicular side runs along Canyon Road.
My mom made a fuss about her toddler grandchild/children being that near to such a busy street, even if it was fenced. As she said "Yes, but just imagine a little kid on a bike that close."

Oh, I said, and promptly stopped considering it.

It's so adorable, and apparently quite large inside, but it is not The One.

Rachel said...

very cute.

Mabel Maybe said...

Wow, Utah Eichlers.