Friday, January 27, 2006

Furniture::Love At First Sight

In a fit of cleaning out old pieces of furniture that I hate, I freecycled a dresser that I have despised for eight years. After getting rid of it, I realized that there was nothing to put the TV on in the back room. I jimmy-rigged something, but it did not meet toddler code. I decided to check Savers and then DI for something to meet our entertainment needs. I walked into Savers and this little number met my eyes across a crowded room.

Hello gorgeous! Only seven dollars and with storage to boot. My stars must be aligned. Welcome home.

Update::Everyone is in Love

The stand is apparently good for watching TV too. Whoever said MCM doesn't work for families hasn't met our family.


Cicada said...

I am seriously jealous that you were able to find that. And for $7?? Incredible. I must shop where you shop.

AzĂșcar said...

I think you have to be on the list to get into Savers, but I'll check for you.

Anonymous said...

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