Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Money Is No Object::1st Ed::Appliances

Welcome to an occasional series that I've entitled "Money Is No Object." Title is self-explanatory.

I've been a touch obsessed with vintage restored appliances lately. No one restores appliances for modern use like
Antique Appliances in Georgia. These are not reproductions, they are original pieces that have been lovingly restored for every day use. From what I've read, these appliances sometimes are better at cooking and cooling than new items. If you're concerned with energy efficiency (for environmental reasons, obviously, not the cash, because you just spent six grand on a fridge) the housing, electrical, and other components are completely replaced yielding a model equal to or better than modern equivalents for efficiency. In addition to mid-century pieces, the site covers most eras. I especially love the Deco models for their streamlined beauty. They price their pieces as though fully restored; you can even choose the colors and finishes. To Die For. Why buy a Viking or a SubZero when you could have one of these:

This white Roper Town & Country range is my dream appliance. Eight burners, three ovens, warming drawers, center grill/griddle, matching salt and pepper shakers, oh oh oh oh. The pull out crumb trays and grease trap from griddle. I never though I'd be so excited about a grease trap. The broilers and warming drawers.What do you think? It's only $11,500. Should I have it done in pink? Aqua? Alabaster? Mint?


Kacy said...

I saw the cutest little yellow Sunbeam mixer at DI. I mean, it's a small appliance. How long has it been since you've actually seen something good at DI?

AzĂșcar said...

Welcome, Kacy! Unfortunately, I always find something at DI, much to the chagrin of my vision-lacking husband.