Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Money Is No Object::2nd Ed::Second Home

I ran across Modern Living Spaces a few months ago and couldn't find my way back to it. Since then, I've been obsessing about this community where they are building brand new Mid-Century homes. Granted, the community is in the Mid-Century Mecca of Palm Springs, CA, so it's a little far from my base of operations. Since I was asked by a friend recently to spotlight some good options for second homes near world reknown golf courses, I knew I had to find Modern Living Spaces again (Ok, Ok, there was no 'friend,' it was me.) I've dreamed of buying the plans to one of those houses and building my dream house for like $100,000. That would be awesome (and ridiculously implausible.)
However, aren't they fun to look at? Go check out the floor plans!


Rachel said...

LOVE IT! I"m going right now....and i actually want to take a vacation to palm springs just to check out the architecture!

AzĂșcar said...

Rachel! Maybe we should meet there. Tiffany and I have talked about taking a golfing vacation down there in the spring. (With what money you should ask yourself.)

Rachel said...


i suck at golf (only done it once in hs as a junior prom mega-date). I "struck out" over and over and over again. BUt i can drive the golf cart and sip daquiris (virgin?) while you guys hit it up.