Thursday, February 16, 2006

Edgemont Elementary::MCM beginnings

No wonder I am a MCM nut; my early Alma Mater is a pinnacle of Mid-Century design. May I introduce you to Edgemont Elementary?

In case you can't see it here's a close up of that beautiful butterfly roof:

Not many rooflines elicit heart-pounding like the butterfly. Perhaps you noticed the butterfly roof of the Incredibles' house in The Incredibles? Their house may be the best thing about that movie (and it was a good movie, too!) Provo has its own example of a butterfly right out in the open, along 3750 North and about 630 East. Next time you're driving by take a look.

The other specific mid-century feature are the inline stacked windows. You can see an example below.

Note the simplicity of the stacked windows that follows the function. Windows can be opened individually allowing fresh air to invigorate the young minds that study just on the other side of that glass. The windows actually tilt. How cool is that? Actually, in the first days of school in August, it's not cool, but the windows help.

A little further East is the addition to the school.
You can tell from the peaked roofline that it was built later than the original school. However, they did a good job of matching the bricks and keeping the lower rooflines of the previous structure. Even if the roof is peaked (twice!) the profile is continuous with the older portions. Edgemont Elementary is the perfect example of Mid-Century design in a public works project. Just a few years ago the school district was considering shutting Edgemont down. I'm so glad they didn't. The school probably would have been demolished and some stupid faux Tuscan villas built on top of the ravaged foundation. Still, appreciate the structure while you can.

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Hilary said...

There was a little eagle...
Didn't the roof collapse at some point? Or at least a lot of leaks...