Monday, May 28, 2007

Stadium North::Sumac

It's about time we started looking at houses again. Today we're looking at the Stadium North area which includes Sumac Avenue and some straggling tree streets. The neighborhood is both north of the LaVell Edwards Stadium and east of BYU's Marriot Center. It's a highly prized area with old growth and some really great modern homes. There are some newer homes as well, and some remodels that are quite shameful.

I've had my eyes on this home for a while. I noticed a couple weeks ago that it appeared to be undergoing some renovation and I wondered if it would be up for sale soon. When I drove up to take pictures there was a young couple out front doing some repair work.
I asked: it's a family home that they're moving into and they're just doing some updates. They seem to be staying with the ethos, which is great. The couple was also really kind to let some stranger barge up and ask to take pictures. Thanks guys! I love their house. I was negligent and didn't get a side profile of the home which really shows off the soaring cantilevered rooflines.

I like the large corner window on this house. If you look closely, you can see the colored panels that are set into the masonry at the center of the house. Those panels match the color on the carport roof. Speaking of the roof, I think I detect the barest of a butterfly in the line. I bet the edging on the lawn is original.

This is a later mid-century modern house. I would place the house in the late 60s. It looks blank from the front, but from the sides you can see the windows that are tucked into the facades. The rear of the house will have dozens of windows that open onto the private backyard.

I liked this little modern house. You can see the sweeping pitched roofline that runs the length of the home. The home is a nice mix of brick masonry, paneling, and stone accents on the chimney and the garage. This kind of pitched line is a nice way to be practical to the climate vs. a flat roof--although those flat roofs are just beautiful.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Is it wrong of me to hope that whenever I see a place with a little over grown landscaping it will go up for sale soon? A girl can dream! I love the way the house's roofline staggers into the carport's.

This house is really close to the Marriot Center. I think it's a great example of a traditional ranch house with some fun architectural details that add interest but don't detract from the egalitarian feel of the house.
Love those horizontal windows next to the door!

More to come!


andi,andi,andi said...

I know this is an older post but I was noticing the familar homes you have pictures of. The house that you say is from the late 60's belongs to Alex Darius and is an absolute JEWEL. He is retired art faculty and has created a modern master piece. All the furniture and art work is original modern design and in perfect condition. They are very nice people and their daughter Andrea lives with them. I know they would show you around if you asked.

Gritty Pretty said...

haha. i was commenting to say the same things andi said. i love the darais family and their house is a top of the line shelter. Norma, their mom will make you whole grain muffins and andrea will show you all of the art. have you visited yet?