Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I went a little modern crazy with Christmas this year.

Somehow, the turquoise blue and red obsession overtook me. I knew we were past snowball
and well into avalanche when I found wrapping paper that matched the tree; the paper rocks.

And then, I crafted. Oh, did I craft!

I haven't put a wreath on the door in a very long time. I could never find a wreath I liked, something that didn't scream rustic and traditional. I'm sorry, traditional is fine for someone else's house, but not mine. I saw a yarn-wrapped wreath and decided that the idea might be just the ticket.

I glued some styrofoam pieces to a styro wreath and cut away the excess to form an offset oval interior. I think the only thing the wreath needs is a big satin bow at the top to balance the rest of the look. Maybe we should add some more with the bird. Maybe I should stop while I'm ahead.

Last year, I made stockings for the family. When I brought out the stockings my son said to me, "But there are only three stockings,
who doesn't get one?" Point taken, little one, point taken. Even though it took me a month to work on the other stockings, I pulled this one together in just a couple hours on Christmas Eve (because it's not like I was doing anything else. Pffff.)

I think I really like it.

Design*Sponge had a modern Christmas craft that I noticed at the beginning of December. I loved the idea of a mobile hanging, especially over a table. I didn't do much to Christmas-up my kitchen, so I thought one big piece would do it. Additionally, you can see the mobile from the living room, so it helps the whole space flow. I love how the mobile turned out. I have to say, however, that even though the glass ornaments were hanging from the ceiling, there were several casualties.

I picked up the window lights from IKEA and they were the talk of the neighborhood. People loved them! My husband's circadian rhythms were completely knocked for a loop, so that was an unexpected bonus.

I just loved my tree this year. It has even more birds, ornaments, and lights than last year and I am OK with that. I am fabulous with that.

What's more mid-century than a Radio Flyer Red Wagon for Christmas?

Merry Christmas little one!


MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Nice job on the crafting. By the way this is the first time I looked at this blog and I couldn't help but notice your blog on buying a house. Did that come into fruition? Also, do you know about Vitsoe shelving units? They're pretty modern, mid-century they may not be. Josh and I are huge fans of the mcm as well. In fact, I have a goal to own an Eames Lounge chair before I die. I've sat in one and they are super comfortable.

Gritty Pretty said...

well done. you are one busy woman with really really great taste. speaking of taste, those marshmallows you made and brought to the luncheon were incredible. um um good.

La Yen said...

I love it. Make us some stockings.

compulsive writer said...

Beautiful! I love it too.

Tiffany Twisted said...

I'm jealous of your beautiful Christmas :)

Mrs. Clark said...

You rock. That wreath is fabulous. Next, you need to find some Formica with little overlapping boomerangs for your kitchen counters!

Morgan said...

How have I not stumbled upon this blog of yours before? The Christmas deco's are brilliant.

jon said...

Your wreath is sooo awesome- I've been looking for some ideas for a modern wreath and you've totally gotten me inspired- i might just have to steal this idea! awesome blog too!

SwankyStylist said...

Question: I have been swooning over your genious wreath idea since last Christmas when I was searching for retro ideas, so I just completed my own duplicate. I'm sooo happy with it and my family is having a fit over it. My only hurdle is hanging it on my door with something that doesn't show. I see a metal piece in your pic. Can you tell me what you use? Thanks so much! Vanessa

Darin said...

@SwankyStylist-it looks like it's a 3M hook that is easily removed after the holidays. Love this wreath as well!

SwankyStylist said...

@Darin Thanks for the tip! I actually did use a 3M hook however the bigger puzzlement was a fastener for the back of the wreath... I'll explain in case anyone else wants another idea. I ended up breaking off one "shoulder" corner of a wire shirt hanger which left me with sort of a horse shoe shape. Then I bent it in the middle of the "horse shoe" where the end with two broken points can hook into the wreath with minimal damage to the Styrofoam/yarn, leaving the looped end exposed and ready to hook.