Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Vintage Wedgewood Stove at Joe's Appliance

I needed a replacement part for my new Frigidaire front-loader and decided it would be faster to get it at a place in town rather than online ordering. After a call to make sure they had the part, I hauled the kids down to the shop. I've never been there before, and what a treat for a mechanical junkie like me. Sure there were the usual collection of late model appliances, but this Wedgewood stove in nearly perfect condition caught my eye.

Shh, I've got a crush on it.

I asked Joe the owner if I could take a picture of it. He seemed surprised and agreed. Like most service guys, Joe loves the old models and has a few hanging around at all times. He took me into a side room to show me a fantastic streamline stove that was used as a prop in a period movie.

I've gotten some mail from people looking to sell their vintage appliances; it's worth giving him a call to see if he's interested. If you need a vintage piece, I'd recommend a browse at the shop.

In looking for info on the stove, just by the design it's either late 40s (probably '48 at the earliest) or very early 50s--no later than '52. You can tell from the way the door handle curves that we're on the cusp of some serious rounding of the iron doors, but haven't committed. I think the straight legs and the serious profile (vs. streamlining) is a dead-giveaway for circa 1950.

What a great piece.


La Yen said...

I really and truly wish that I wasn't going to move one jillion times in the next 20 years and could maintain vintage appliances, and that they didn't cost so much to power up. And that they were always reliable.

jabroon piece said...

Saniflo Macerator

There were the regular selection of overdue style equipment, but this Wedgewood cooktop in nearly top condition found my eye.